Doris 1.jpgAs the needs of the NHS are changing, so are the ways technology is being used to communicate with their staff and stakeholders.

The ability to use mobile devices and user friendly interfaces to communicate with staff improves not only the communication function of an NHS organisation, but also efficiency, saving time and money, and offering flexible delivery of complex information.

Frank have delivered these solutions into many NHS organisations, with great take-up from staff. This new way of approaching internal communications is proving exceptionally successful.

Bespoke functionality at a low costSASH_1.png

We work with NHS organisations to deliver usable, feature rich communications solutions for staff and stakeholders.

With effective NHS communications increasingly being driven by digital platforms, our clients are now fully embracing extranet technologies.

Our Intranet and Extranet solutions are bespoke developments around individual client requirements. If you don’t see the functionality your organisation requires on this page, please get in touch; we are developing new functionality all the time.


Services providedMob_2.jpg

•    Staff Directory
•    Document Search
•    Events Calendar
•    Social Media Integration
•    Room Booking
•    Polls
•    Workspaces
•    Most Visited Links
•    Popular Pages
•    Meta Data Searching
•    Workflow Management
•    User Profiles and Groups
•    Active Directory SSO
•    Fully Responsive for Mobile Use
•    Form Generation
•    Auto Directories