At Frank we understand how important it is to effectively engage with your users, staff and partners.  Our process ensures everyone gets a voice, the emphasis is on listening.  Our experience of working with health and care organisations gives us unique insight into how to interact with your key stakeholders.

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 13.44.55.pngKey Features

  • Engagement methods such as:
    • Virtual and face to face user sessions using interactive software
    • Telephone interviews with key stakeholders
    • Digital surveys for broad user engagement
  • Development of "personas" - user stories used for design and testing
  • Summary report with detailed recommendations to support client decision making


  • Develops a clear understanding of your users and their requirements 

  • Content, user navigation and design are informed by their needs

  • Users are engaged and more supportive of the product

  • Improved return on investment, as business case objectives are met


  • Sensitive, friendly, and accessible approach, ensuring all voices are heard 
  • Led by highly qualified staff who have senior NHS experience, including facilitating conferences for health and care professionals, patients, and other public interest stakeholders
  • We will guide you through the process, ensuring everyone knows what to do and when