Frank offers bespoke web development for our clients. Our open-source CMS is highly customisable and configured to meet your needs.  

During scoping, we will take you through a process to confirm all your detailed requirements, ensuring that your administrators and users get just what they need. Our system is adapting all the time as we add new functionality for our NHS clients, based on their changing organisations.


  • Intuitive interface - in-context editing and drag and drop functionality 
  • User management, delegation and workflow
  • License free CMS
  • GDPR, WCAG AA standards, DDA compliance and W3C compliance


  • Reduced administration time as we adapt the system to meet your organisational processes
  • Reduced operating costs, no recurrent license fees
  • Reduced support costs as teams are often self-sufficient
  • Improved user and administrator satisfaction – a simple, easy to use site that meets their needs

Responsive design

The vast use of smartphones to access websites is meaning that functionality and user experience need to have the same integrity as accessing through a desktop or laptop.

Ensuring a seamless experience between all screen sizes and devices is a fundamental principle we design around.

Utilising built-in mobile functionality such as geolocation tools to enhance usability and user experience are also benefits to designing with mobile in mind.

Visit our NHS Website Designers page to find out more about our design and development work with the NHS.