Published on: 6th June 2017

Holly-Dutton.jpgName: Holly Dutton
Role: Client Services Manager
Joined Frank: September 2014

What’s your favourite part of your role at Frank?

I joined Frank in a period of growth nearly 3 years ago and as such I've worn a lot of hats, so I feel as though I have been able to experience many aspects of the business as a whole.

I recently moved into more of a business development role and also now officially run our Support service, it's a really good mix of problem solving, meeting new clients and building on existing relationships.

What does your average day at Frank look like?

  • A quick read through e-mails to prioritise work for the day.
  • Write my to-do’s for the day in my diary which I would be lost without!
  • The morning stand up with the rest of the team to review work from the previous day and for the day ahead.
  • Managing our Support service and general client services requests.
  • Eating a lot of snac...
  • Starting to make a brew and then forgetting to finish it...

What's your most embarrassing work moment?

Another colleague walking in on me on the loo… he took the day off work the next day so I can only assume I scarred him for life…

What has been your biggest challenge since working at Frank?

Passing my Prince2 exams for project management. It was a lot to try and learn in a few weeks, I even revised on the plane on my Honeymoon to New York!

How do you think the products/services Frank offer set it apart from other digital providers?

As a business we are always looking for innovative ideas to tell our clients about. It's easy to sit back and be comfortable and work on providing products and services that you feel ‘safe’ with, but as a team we work hard to push out of our comfort zone and look for new ideas and solutions that will really benefit our clients.

What is your greatest personal achievement?

Travelling the world when I was 23 with two friends. I try to go somewhere new each year as travel is my biggest passion. Last year was Canada, this year I’m off to China!

What's your favourite line from a film?

"I’ll see you in another life when we are both cats’"

Something about you that other people don’t know?

I have done the world's highest cliff jump!

Where do you want Frank to be in the next 5 years?

We have a really great team, all experienced in their own fields and it’s a pleasure to work with other people who all share the same passion and drive to help make the business grow.

I hope as a team we continue to keep working towards the same goals, putting our clients at the forefront of everything we do and enjoying it all in the process!