Published on: 22nd April 2020

How quickly things change, from first hoping to then attending the Champion Chase at Cheltenham Festival to now a UK lockdown and questions of why the festival went ahead. It is certainly challenging and an uncertain time for everybody.

We can see at Frank the day in, day out pressures the NHS and their staff are under, some working without a day off in weeks. Their dedication, hard work and selflessness is to be so admired and I was so pleased to see the weekly Thursday public appreciation clap for all key workers, so deserved.

Life has changed at Frank, as we leave our offices and all work from home. We have a regular work catch up for our daily stand ups with Mike and Holly to go through the day’s activities, plus there’s always a quiz and a general catch-up in the week. I am very proud of how the team at Frank have adapted to their new environment. No one has complained, as usual at Frank there is a can do attitude: how can I help and how can I make a difference. It’s not only the location of work that has changed, but also our hours of working, calls at the weekend and out of hours to support our NHS clients have been a regular occurrence - I’ve taken a call in the bath and whilst painting my shed!

We at Frank see ourselves admittedly having a small part to play in the NHS response to COVID-19, this hideous disease, but we want it to be significant as possible to us. We are working hard to fulfil this, be it on our response times on support, infrastructure investment to our servers to meet the unprecedented web traffic, or innovation in deploying new products and services to adapt to new ways of working in the NHS or taking pressures off the system. I’d also like to note that I also appreciate the support we’ve been receiving from our suppliers. Our hosting provider, UKFast, are in touch regularly and responsive to all our requests and demands.

The one word that I have heard time and time again through my conversations with our NHS colleagues is to be ‘Positive’. That’s what we are all trying to do at Frank: be positive in our work, our attitude and with each other, and we are determined to do our bit through this crisis.

The team at Frank send all our best wishes to you and your loved ones at this strange and difficult time.


Jamie Wise
Managing Director