gtd Healthcare are a not-for-profit Primary Care provider based in Manchester. They are responsible for locations in Manchester, Preston, Southport and beyond, and deliver GP, urgent care, and dental services.


Frank were appointed to deliver a corporate website for gtd that also incorporated individual sub sites for all the their primary, urgent and dental care locations. 

We engaged with gtd in the first instance to understand their requirements, allowing us to deliver a flexible, user friendly site that reflects the organisation. This involved a complete redevelopment of content and commissioned photography.

We then engaged with external stakeholders, patient representatives and individual primary care providers to understand their requirements. This allowed us to deliver a universal solution for all aspects of the organisation that could also be tailored to individual locations.


  • Requirements gathering ensured the solution worked for all stakeholders’ needs
  • Reduced workload for gtd’s internal comms team, as content upload has been decentralised
  • Individual locations are empowered to update their own content, making it more relevant and easier to manage