The Brief

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust serves a North Derbyshire population of more than 400,000 and employs more than 4000 staff members.

Feedback from a pre-project user experience survey was that their previous site did not contain the required level of relevant content or intuitive navigation, was difficult to use and was not adaptive to mobile devices, affecting the duration of site visits. The Trust invited Frank to tender for the design, development and ongoing hosting of the Trust’s public facing website.


After providing the highest scoring tender submission, Frank were awarded the contract and began a series of scoping meetings with multiple end users to understand the low-level requirements of all stakeholder groups.

Working closely with the communications team, Frank developed a modern design style that gained comprehensive buy-in from all patient and professional members of the website steering group.

Through a series of regular project meetings, conference calls, 'show and tell' and milestone meetings, Frank enabled the Trust to be guided through the whole process in a much shorter time frame than was initially planned. Frank provided a series of guides and documents produced for different groups within the Trust, which enabled them to provide all site assets consistently using one shared way of working.

Hidden password protected areas were added for GPs and other medical professionals within the Trust, whilst the site integrated with financial accounting systems to enable joined up processing of payments with invoicing. The project was seamlessly managed and resulted in a 7 week production period from start to finish, with very positive feedback received from the Trust at all levels.