Frank first developed the CLCH website in 2016, the result of several scoping sessions with the Trust and its stakeholders.

Three years on and the Trust wanted to give the website a full facelift to reflect the Trust and its values in 2019, with a focus on staff recruitment and patient services.


The brief was to develop a site that truly reflected the diverse locations the Trust served, without losing any of the geolocation functionality we’d developed for the first iteration of the site, or any of the user journey, as this had proved very successful.

The homepage was fully redesigned, and with budget in mind, we applied simple styling changes to the existing subpages to fit with the new look and feel of the homepage. This meant that all of the site's content and functional elements could be kept completely unchanged but the overall design of the site was consistent.

The new look Trust website has been very well received by both stakeholders and service users.